Monday, 28 April 2014

New Blog | JOURNAL

I have recently launched a new and improved blog! Therefore I no longer post to this area however if you head over to JOURNAL you will find loads of new projects and hopefully a much hotter blog ;-)

Journal is fully responsive and retina ready, therefore it will look just as great on your phone or tablet.

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Epidemic Life 2014 | Download page

Here are Facebook cover photos and profile pictures that you can download and use!

To download, right click the image and select 'Save Image' or 'Download Image'

We have also just launched a new website for this year's conference it was constructed by Selah Design and the graphics were produced by myself...go check it out!

Designed by Toby Mitchell | You have the right to download these images and use them for promoting Epidemic Life 2014 via social media. You may not alter or adapt these images and use them for your own purposes.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Out Of The Dust | Hepzibah Theatre Co.

During January I had to pleasure of working with Hepzibah Theatre Co. (based in Bath). They came to me with design ideas for their new show. My job was to evolve the idea and build it from scratch. I always enjoy designing promotional material so this was a real treat for me!

Their new show premiers in February and it's a show which should not be missed!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Epidemic Life 2014 | Design

I had the pleasure of being commissioned by Joshua Generation (part of Bath City Church) during August to design promotional material, generate User Interface Graphics and to create promotional videos/teasers for a youth and young adults conference. Ultimately, direct the design and publicity aspect of the event!

Designing the space scene was really fun. Overlaying a lot of different textures, patterns and then adding colour gradients as well as a long exposure photo of a sparkler created an overall majestic image!

I really enjoyed this commission as I got to not only design, film and produce; but also to use my original photographic resources on the main poster!

To view the first video teaser click here.

Enjoy, share and like on Facebook! :-)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Natasha & Eddy | Bath Engagement Shoot

I had the privilege of doing an engagement photo session with two beautiful friends in Bath during mid November. We spent late afternoon walking through Widcombe and Sydney gardens and captured some gorgeous shots in some significant places.

We also got some cheeky opportunities to get some great portraits!

I hope you love these shots just as much as I do!

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Through Your Eyes | EP Design launch

I recently designed for Bristol based band Through Your Eyes. They are launching an EP called 'Together We Stand'. Making the image its self was really interesting as I had a lot of scope to be creative. I had taken moody pictures of clouds on a previous photoshoot and the picture of the band was from their publicity files! All I had to do was cut it all out and make it look great!

I love the outcome, hope you do too!

Released on iTunes / Spotify 18th November.

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Matt & Chloe | Bathampton Woods Shoot

As always its an honour to shoot with a couple. Matt & Chloe are great friends of mine and I was really excited to get some beautiful shots of them both together. Bathampton forrest is a great place for photography with the beautiful wildlife and trees surrounding the paths. Typically being British Autumn, it rained half way through our shoot so some of the shots might look a little 'damp'

As well as taking shots of both Matt & Chloe together I managed to get a few cheeky portraits! 

I also have the honour of being their wedding photographer in 2014! Im really excited to capture their, what is to be, beautiful wedding day in August.

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Thanks for looking! Enjoy!

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